About Us

Health’s important, We all know that. Looking at the US and other developed countries we can obviously see that it isn’t peoples first priority. Going out and getting groceries at my local Walmart it like a horror scene based on morbidly obese people. It’s quite frankly disgusting. I was thinking. What could cause these people to eat so much in excess to cause that sort of reaction?

I settled on attraction. Most people eat because it makes them feel good. I think. I’m not really qualified to say that for certain. But I can say it’s an element of a problem that it was more desperate than people make it out to be.

Times Have Changed.

Now is a time of indulgence. A time that is purely for yourself. You no longer have an obligation to others as you would have in the past. My life is a story that emits that very well. Almost my entire family is obese except myself. I feel as though this is a problem that plagues many and needs to be solved.

I will never stop trying to help others achieve their health goals. Your body changes, you become happier, you become better as human when you are healthy. This is clear with a multitude of studies that have come out recently. The benefits are huge, you just have to follow through.

With that, I’m sharing with you my commitment to be a part of the change that needs to occur within peoples hearts. Help me change the way people view health.


My family isn’t the only one.

I’m sure there are people in your life that you are afraid for health wise. Let it be known that I fear for my family when it comes to health. My mom is pre-diabetic. My sister before she even turned twenty had her gallbladder removed. And my aunts are morbidly obese. There are problems that could have been avoided and I’m tired of not being part of the solution.


My Goal is your Goal.

I want it to be clear that I’m here to put the right things in front of you. The right product for you to be interested in. Maybe it will satisfy your need for style and exercise.

Joking aside. I’m here for you. There are comments open on every article, support your fellow people in their journey to wealthiness in health. They are just like you in a lot of ways. If it’s your goal, then I’m here with you.