Best Diets In 2019 – A Plan For Action

We’ve seen the best diets in 2018, we need to look ahead!

Should we stick to what we’ve got? Or switch to something new and different? Will some diets from the past crop up and dethrone our current diet trends? Who knows?

But remember, If you have ANY medical conditions, consult a doctor before making diet changes. You could mess yourself up if you don’t.

Everyone’s body is different, so take care of yours!

with that out of the way, Let’s get into it!

High Carb Diet – What?

I was confused when I first happened upon an article that told me that a high carb diet would help someone lose weight.

A carb is precisely equal to the energy in the body, so if you load a bunch of it into the body, you will inevitably gain weight. That’s sort of the idea that I pondered while reading this odd article.

Later in the article, they admitted that the “high carb” diet wasn’t actually a “high carb” diet.

The study of the diet is based on compares high carb and low carb diets by giving the same CALORIC intake to each person. Both equal in caloric intake, but not in actual volume

In any case, we know the main principle of dieting is to use more than you intake. Essentially using more energy than your body can consume.

So if you take equal caloric amounts, one high in fat, the other high in carbs, you will be eating an enormous amount of fat to compensate for the inequity of caloric density.

We know for certain that carbs are much denser in caloric terms than fat. So if the study was based on equal caloric amounts, the fat diet was inherently at a disadvantage due to the terms of the study.

The reason Fatty diets work is that you end up eating less, and getting less energy from the food you eat, triggering the bodies fat burning mechanism because you don’t have enough energy to function.

You can see why fat diets work, you consume less energy dense foods to force your body to make it’s own.

So if it isn’t actually a high carb diet, what is it?

I’m glad you asked.

It is essentially the same thing as every other diet. Eat a balanced diet with moderate carbs, moderate proteins, and low fats and ensure that your calories don’t go over what you use in a day. So if you are looking to start a high carb diet, this may be an excellent option for you!

High Carb Diet Rating 3/5 – Deceptive Name But Good Principles

The “high carb” diet may have a deceptive name, but it still has its benefits just like all other diets.

Its pitfalls are deceptive marketing that appeals to people that are attempting to lose weight. In some cases, they straight up lie and say that your body stores that fat that you eat as fat on your body.

Here, look for your self High Carb Fat Loss

Besides that, the diet does have your best interest at heart; they just go about it oddly. People will believe what they want to believe.

So if you like the high carb diet, don’t get discouraged! If you genuinely believe and persist, almost any diet will work for you.

Really, if you want to see how it works, click here.

Atkins Diet – Coming Back?

The classic phase diet!

Atkins is a low carb diet that works in phases to slowly work back in those carbs that the body was storing.

A famous concept developed by Atkins is the “Atkins 40” You are attempting to lose 40lbs by only consuming 40g in carbs

10g of carbs at every meal and 2 5g of carbs snacks.

It is akin to Paleo because of the foods that are involved. It’s a diet group that sticks to similar foods.

It is a lot like Keto except, the gradual increase in carbs to slowly introduce old foods back into your diet. Atkins also has a full product line up of acceptable foods. They also produce all of the foods needed for the diet.

They are very transparent about everything in their diet, but just the results come, there is a danger to diabetics.

Diabetics when in Ketosis produce an abnormal amount of acid in their blood. This can cause a fatal condition and is very dangerous.

Diabetics need to stay away from low carb diets. A better alternative is a balanced diet with plenty of exercises.

But the principles are exactly the same as other diets. Decrease your caloric intake to force your body to eat its own fat.

Atkins Diet Rating 4/5 – Transparent, and useful(For non-diabetics)

The Atkins diet is easy to follow, and good for most people. The biggest pitfall is the constant diet changing and phases. In my opinion, I just want a set list of ingredients to make things and then not really deviate too much.

not to mention all of the products are available on the Atkins website!

The biggest part of this diet is to ensure that your overall intake is lower than your output. Basically, burn more calories than you eat, that will equate to weight loss.

You can cook just about anything with Atkins, just in phases. a giant list of recipes for Atkins. Click here to check it out.

Paleo – Newish, But Still Going Strong

This diet emerges under different names every time it crops up. Paleo, Paleolithic hunter-gatherer and stone age diet.

There are all different things to describe exactly the same thing.

The paleo diet is designed to fit the human body of the past. Normally, you avoid any foods that appeared when humans started to farm. So nothing like grains, dairy or anything domesticated.

Instead, you replace those foods with the naturally recurring alternatives. Berries, lean meats such as fish and things of that sort.

Paleo is also considered a low-carb diet. This is because most carb-heavy foods were developed relatively recently. Bread was only invented near the farming era. The same goes for most sugary foods.

By sheer coincidence, the Paleo diet is very close to Keto and Atkins.

Most people on the paleo diet that I’ve seen, just want to return to a more natural way of eating. Some do it for gut health, others for skin health.

The biggest benefit is weight loss.

This diet also follows the same principle. (I think we found the theme here.) Your calories in, are less than your calories out.

With paleo, you just limit your daily caloric intake, but also limit it to a set range of foods that are specific to the paleolithic era of human existence.

Right now it’s popularity is still going strong, and I predict it will still be going strong well into 2019.

Paleo Diet Rating 4/5

The paleo diet is true to its many names. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it has a sound idea behind it. You can easily lose weight with this diet because it cuts out most sugars and carb filled foods.

Cutting out carbs alone makes it much easier to lose weight. But the combination of fresh fruits and antioxidants has added benefits to your health besides weight loss.

I recommend the Paleo diet to those who either want to improve stomach health and overall health.

Take a look at this 30 day guide that tells you exactly how Paleo works.

It’s the old college try attitude. They show you the diet from step one and beyond.

If you have any medical condition, consult a doctor before starting paleo specifically. Diabetics need special attention here.

The Zone Diet – Good Outlook

“The Zone” diet features similar properties to the high carb diet, but in a much more upfront way. The biggest difference is the restriction of grains and starches.

The biggest stress is put in essential dietary carbs. Things like vegetables and fruits. The goal is to make those the largest part of your diet.

This diet also cuts out almost all dietary fat. They aim for low-fat protein sources like lean meats, and low poly/Monounsaturated fats.

That means restrictions on most nuts, lagoons and avocados and olive oil. It’s not a huge list and is very free reign compared to most diets.

But just as the others follow the main principle, so does this one.

Ensure that your overall intake is less than what you use. That is the recipe for weight loss.

The method they use to achieve this is by removing all starchy and grain foods. (AKA empty calorie carbs)

Then requiring you to replace it with metabolism boosting vegetables. You might already know that vegetables are a hardy source of carbs.

But the structure of the carb in vegetables processes much faster than that of bread. Making it much easier to use in the body as glycogen.

The diets principles are sound, and the range of food you can eat is large. making for an excellent diet.

Additionally, the goals of the diet are to reduce inflammation in the body. The website doesn’t have clear statistics on that goal, but it seems more like a marketing ploy.

The Zone Diet Rating 3.5/5

It’s a good diet with clear principles and goals. But the reduction of inflammation isn’t proven in my opinion and seems subjective to the diets actual goal of weight loss.

If you have access to a supermarket, the diet is easy to follow.

If you are looking for a diet that has an excellent range of foods, and tons of support. This is the one!

But, I don’t recommend spending too much money on the supplements they offer. Stick with whole foods; it’s much safer because you know what’s in it.

Take a look at their homepage, they have great information there.

Ketogenic Diet – Trending and Trending

The Ketogenic diet often referred to simply as “Keto diet” Is a diet based off of the bodily function named “Ketosis”.

Ketosis is the process of your body creating “Ketones” from body fat, it then digests the ketone instead of it’s the main source of energy, which is carbohydrates.

Keto attains this by heavily reducing the number of carbs that you eat. Normally the limit is close to 30 grams, or less.

You replace that intake with healthy fats. Mostly made up of poly/mono unsaturated fats, and saturated fat. (avoiding trans far)

That reduces your food choices significantly. No grains or starches. Limited vegetables and fruits. Most of all, no sugar of any kind.

You can eat most meat and are encouraged to eat fish and beef. The reason fish is so highly encouraged is due to its heavy unsaturated fat content.

That type of fat is considered “essential fat” which is the name given to the fats that your body requires to function. That same principle extends to avocados, nuts and a few other select foods and supplements.

There is also a percentage amount of macronutrients you are expected to maintain with keto. Fats %70-%80 protein %10-%20 carbs %5ish.(most of the time carbs are measured in carbs instead of percentages.)

Sadly because it is low carb, Keto is not friendly to those with diabetes.

Ketogenic Diet – Rating 4.3/5

Due to ketos inability to work for people with diabetes. It reduces it’s availability and usability to a population that may need it. But, it makes up for it by giving the body the ability to lose fat and gain muscle very quickly.

And the weight loss with Keto is dependant on you entering Ketosis. This is a big hang up, but also the biggest benefitting factor in keto.

The science behind keto is very well documented and is pretty conclusive. There are even ways to measure what your ketone levels are.

Click here to look at Keto Camp, a comprehensive weight loss plan that was created to help people lose weight and gain muscle.

Conclusion – Do What Your Doctor Says

If anyone has your best interest, it’s your doctor. They have the science and years of experience to give you personalized advice from the get-go.

Always run a diet past your doctor to see if it’s right for you. They have your entire medical history and can make an extremely educated decision based on that.

If you pick any diet out of this list, ensure that you are still getting all the vitamins you need through supplementation, or by asking your doctor to test your vitamin levels to see if you are low in the first place.

I sincerely hope this helps you in the future.

Leave a comment telling us about your success stories, I want to know how much any given diet has helped you!

Thanks for reading, come back again soon!



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  1. christina says:

    There is a lot of confusion out there about what diet is right for what body type/metabolism type. I think you have done a great job of breaking down the basics and giving a good picture of what each on is. I’ve personally tried both Atkins and Ketosis (and yes, they are different) and while I found them effective, I didn’t do well with the ultra-restrictive nature of the low carb counts. I think I will check out Paleo as that may have more benefits and be easier for me to adhere to in the long run.

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