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    How to break a sugar addiction – Recovery To Control

      How to break a sugar addiction in a few simple steps.┬áBut don’t be fooled, simple does not mean easy. Sugar is addictive, therefore your body will not want to give it up.┬áPrepare for craving and withdrawal. Is Sugar Bad For You Let’s keep it simple, we are going to avoid science terms and try…

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    Self Control Activities – How to Not Eat Cake

    Often times, Self Control is a difficult state to achieve. Not just for children, but for adults as well. Looking at the common factors between a child who wants a toy and an alcoholic and you’ll find uncanny similarities. A drunk will kick and scream just as a child might. Both are attempts to gain…

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    Healthy Foods To Gain Weight – Why can’t you do it?

    Some people just have the worst time gaining weight. Overloading carbs just won’t work. You feel like you’re eating enough, but it doesn’t seem to work! I’m like you. Before now, I have weighed under 150 lbs almost my entire life. Mind you I am 6’3. Not exactly a healthy weight for my overall size….

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  • I didn't hear about Ketonix before, but this could be great for my friend. She's been trying to lose weight for a long time, but she's looking for a long term solution rather than a quick temporary fix. It's so great you can see so much information, I like that there is a built in meal calculator, it makes it easy and less complicated.

    by Emma Jones Ketonix Reviews - Path To Weight-loss? or Waste of Money?

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  • It's very nice to have a device which could help you keep track of your health and body. Especially in the case of measuring your body, we all tend to lose motivation when we don't see a noticeable difference, and then we stop. But actually, there is a possibility that we have had slight changes in the measurements. I think this is very good for that. Great post! I like how thorough it is. Best, Janani

    by Janani Goonetillake Ketonix Reviews - Path To Weight-loss? or Waste of Money?

  • That's great! Getting a headstart is never a bad idea

    by Patrick W Ketonix Reviews - Path To Weight-loss? or Waste of Money?

  • Really thorough review! I had never heard of Ketonix before reading this. I am getting older(30 lol) but I have always had a high metabolism that keeps my weight down. I feel it will start to slow down and I want to start managing my diet better. This seems very interesting and I might take a look into this!

    by Brandon G Ketonix Reviews - Path To Weight-loss? or Waste of Money?