Does Keto Diet Work For Everybody?

With every diet there is the ever burning question “Does it work” and next comes, “Will it work for me?” Totally valid questions! Both deserve well-explained answers.

As for the question does it work, check out this article. In this article, I’ll give you the rundown on whether it may work for you personally, and what factors may change that.

You Have to Try it to See For Yourself

I see this question all over the place. The real answer is only going to be revealed if everyone tries it. The question then becomes, “Does it work for those who try it” The most common answer is yes. If it didn’t work it was most likely to due to incorrect execution.

Keto requires that you keep a strict diet for at least a month. Although the diet has many options, normally people don’t keep their fats high enough to enter the state known as Ketosis.

In order to properly diet on keto, you must measure your ketone body levels to see if you are in ketosis(Ketosis is when your body burns the fat.)

Ketosis is a function of the body and happens to everyone that has a fully functioning body. So it should work for everyone, as long as they measure and test their ketone levels and adjust accordingly.

Fat Does Not Make Fat

The Ketosis diet is based in high fats. A common myth is that fat turns to fat inside your body.

This has lead to a giant shift in thinking. We now use sugar more commonly for flavoring. Shockingly, here are the proportions for a common Keto diet. Percentages can vary slightly.

Keto Graphic Chart

This is crazy high compared to the food pyramid we were all taught in school. With fats and oils making up less than 1%.

Keto has some pretty specific reasons for having such a high-fat percentage.

  • Fat produces less energy in the body (Therefore there is less for the body to store in fat)
  • Restricting Carb intake cuts out most fast food and Sugar(Reducing sugar intake leads to weight loss)
  • Your body will go into Ketosis, producing Ketone bodies to break down fat storage for energy.

Even more, specifics, are the types of fat you should be consuming. Here’s another fancy graph!


This is a pretty good representation of how you should structure your fats

Trans Fat – Why It’s Bad (For everyone)


Trans fat has been linked to a lot of heart problems. Specifically having to do with a build-up of cells in the tubes leading to the heart. Trans fat is normally found in fast foods, the fryer is filled with a literal vat of it. You can expect your fries, nuggets and any fried product to be packed with trans fat.

Even the beef patties have some portion of trans fat. That amount is okay generally, but eating deep fried things that are packed with trans fat is just a poor decision. We know that this fat is correlated and theorized to be the cause of many diseases.

You can have this in very small amounts. Less than 5% of your fat intake is preferred. Additionally, trans fat has very little nutritional value. It does not contain much in micronutrients because of its purity.

Saturated Fat, and why its… Okay I Guess

Saturated fat is a ton better than trans fat in a lot of ways. Let’s see a list!

  • Can be found in much healthier foods
  • Contains other nutrients due to the foods it’s found in
  • Can be processed easier than trans fat

This type of fat can be found in dairy products and meat. The reason it is called “saturated” fat is due to its chemical bonds. All of its carbon is saturated with hydrogen bonds. But that’s not important. What really matters is the amount that you can trust it to improve your health.

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature. So you can think maybe, bacon grease or sausage grease. Those are saturated fats. You could also think of Sour cream being mostly made up of saturated fats.

The final answer! It is okay for you. If you consume a copious amount don’t expect to be healthy. That could be said for just about anything. Keep everything at a healthy moderation. Even in Keto, you have to vary your sources of fat to continue to maintain your ketone levels.

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats!- The Good Ones

Fish/ Heavily Mono/Poly unsaturated fatty foods

These are the good ones! The ones that you’ll want to fill your diet with! Plus, they are super easy to get. These fats can be found in veggies and meats. You don’t normally find them in dairy.

You can find the fats in a variety of foods. Just look at the labels before buying! The biggest contributors would have to be nuts, and fish and the avocado. All great sources of essential fats.

Avocados, Olive Oil, Almonds, fish, these are all great sources of these healthy fats!

Avocados / heavily fatty veggies

Another name for these fats is “Essential” fats. That’s because your body needs them to function.

Just like any other macro-nutrient. Fats are important. You need your protein, carbs, and fats. If you cut out any of those three completely, you will become very unhealthy, very quickly.

You can find these fats in most meats, all sorts of veggies and most nuts. So get out there and get your new snack foods!

Almonds/mixed nuts

Not the Only Low Carb Diet Out There

There is also the Atkins diet. But Keto is the only one to strictly use ketosis to lose weight. There are plenty of diets out there, but you must be certain when you enter a diet plan. If you aren’t willing to stick it out for at least 3 months. To completely adhere to the rules of the diet. Then maybe a better option would be exercised.

You must have an iron will to make diets work. It is all about what you do on the diet, not what the diet does to you.


The Keto diet will work for everybody as long as they have a function body. It is a natural part of the bodies functions. When the body feels as though it needs to feed off of its own fat to make energy because the food it is getting is not sufficient in that respect. That is ketosis.

So you can see that as long as that function in your body works, the diet should work. But just as I said, you must have an iron will.

I sincerely hope this helped! Let me know if this helped you, or if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below!



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