Keto Desserts, Easy? – Tastes Like Ice Cream!

Over time, I have tried just about every Keto dessert. Most, if not all taste like butter. I’m not a big fan of things that only taste like butter. So here, I will show you the BEST Keto friendly dessert that has no sweetener, but still tastes good!

Alteration of Atkins

The recipe is simple and really easy to do. It is an alteration of the Atkins Ice cream recipe.Measure Apple

simply this!

  • 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 cup of Cream Cheese
  • Tsp of Vanilla Extract
  • Tbsp of Sweetener(Not needed but for those with a sweet tooth)

Whip until fluffy, eat at the desired density. Keep cold

Nutritional value!

Fat: 160g

Cholesterol: 58g

Carb: 9.6g

Very Keto friendly! and tasty too! You’ll be shaving inches off in no time!

That is all put together. You’ll notice once you make it, that it is quite a lot of stuff. So dividing it into smaller batches is a good idea. Remember that fat spoils fast, so ensure you are eating it quickly and making it only when you want some. It is easy to go overboard.

Chocolate alternative

For those who don’t like the vanilla vibe, get some cocoa powder and replace the vanilla in the recipe. It really gets to your chocolate cravings.

Chocolate in tinfoilYou may also have to add more heavy whipping cream because the powder dries out the mixture and makes it thicker.

But ensure you aren’t adding too much, it will make the recipe taste very tart if you add too much.

Easy to Alter and Make it Fattier

As we already know, I’m no fan of butter. If you can handle it, you can easily add a half cup of butter to increase the fatty content of this dish. Or, melt some coconut oil and do the same!

If you enjoy your Ice cream dish thicker, add some more cream cheese. It also adds a wonderful richness to the flavor

Hacks to Make Clean Up Easy!

If you want to put this into molds, that’s easy! Simply follow these steps

  1. Get a large ziplock bag
  2. Put the already mixed Dessert into the bag
  3. Cut the tip off of one of the bottom corners of the bag
  4. Cut the bag with your dominant hand and squeeze downward
  5. Push the mixture down toward the hole in the bag and fill whatever mold you have!

Done! Now you can put your mixture in whatever container you want, mess free!

Things to Remember About Dieting

Even though desserts are tempting, remember that you should be eating healthy meats and veggies! That should make up the majority of your diet. This dessert is for after meals and times when you can’t get your fat content high enough.

It is really good and it’s easy to eat too much! remember, even in keto you can eat too much.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear about your dessert success stories, only the Keto ones though!

Post in the comments below and let me know what you think about this recipe!



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