Keto Diet, Does it work? – Answer… Depends

In the world of fad diets, there are few sources you can trust to tell the truth. In fact, I know of a few that don’t even try their diets before they promote them! How unfortunate that is.

About a year ago(or so) I heard about Keto. Since then, I have been in the best shape of my life. I went from being underweight to gaining a nice amount of muscle on my skinny frame. Sadly I only have after pictures for myself, but I do have before and after pictures of many others!

But, no matter how many before and after pictures I give you, that will not guarantee that this diet will work for you.

Here’s why.

Two Types Of Keto

Not commonly known about keto, there are two types! They aren’t too terribly different, but the distinction is important either way.Clock

The first type of Keto is a type of consistent eating. You have three meals a day, and you balance your fats with your carbs and protein, to ensure that you have about 80% fat in your diet. All the while listening to your body to make sure you don’t overeat or worse, go into a food coma.

The second type is fasting Keto. As you can imagine, it involves fasting. In fasting, there are three types that I’ve heard people are using.

  • Fat Fasting
  • Water Fasting
  • Intermittent Fasting

With fat fasting, you take a specified day(s), and only eat fat for that day. Like broths and things of that sort. After the fast ends, you go back to eating regular Keto.

Water fasting, as the name suggests, is based on water. You only drink water for a specified amount of day(s), then break your fast with regular Keto dieting(if you are going to water fast for more than 24 hours, it is highly recommended you talk to a doctor during the process to get their opinion).

Lastly, we have intermittent fasting. This type of fasting is fasting everything except water between certain hours of the day. These intervals can be long or short. After the fast ends, regular Keto diet eating resumes

both are effective as long as you follow the percentages strictly and measure your Ketone levels.

What do You Want Out Of Keto?

What you want out of Keto causes a variation in what type of Keto you should use. If you are looking for weight loss, either type will work. If you are looking for weight gain, you’ll have to follow the first type, with no fasting. Also increasing the portion sizes.

Please stay on the path

If you want weight loss, you’ll want to stay in ketosis for a few days and then dip out, and then dip back in. This has been the method I see working the most. If you are looking to gain weight, do not enter ketosis unless you are looking to trim the existing fat on your body.

Ketosis forces the body to feed off of itself. If you don’t have any fat, your body will feed off of muscle. So, ensure that we small ones out there aren’t entering ketosis willy-nilly.

Finally, the Reason Keto Might Not Work For You

Honestly, it’s a matter of willpower. Keto is just like many other diets in the way It decreases your intake of things your body can use to below what you are using. The way it is different is that it gently persuades your body into feeding off of its own fat by making it learn how to do it first.

One of the only reasons keto won’t work for you is willpower. If you don’t have it, there is still a starting point to build it up. You may need some assistance, and that’s okay. If you think you are one of those people. Check out this program that will help you with beginning Keto.

The other reason might be medical conditions(Not having the organs to control oil in your body). Some recent research says Diabetics should try Keto(With the permission of your doctor), though there is also research stating the opposite. A fact that some people may not know, Keto was originally made as a therapeutic diet for epileptics. So it is not surprising that it may work for other medical conditions.

Otherwise, Keto is an excellent option for a lot of people desperate for a way out of an unhealthy lifestyle. The food is great, and the portion sizes sit well.

My Only Complaint About Keto

This really shouldn’t even be a complaint of mine, because I really don’t need it anyway.

There is virtually no sugar allowed.

Keto is void of almost all sweetness and it hurts my soul a little. But the savory goodness makes up for that. It’s almost comfort-food at some points. The fatty bacon every morning, and the perfectly fried eggs! Just amazing!

There are Sugar Alcohols, but they aren’t so good for you either. You can learn about the downsides of this article.

Sugar alcohols are very sweet, but the downsides don’t sit so well with me. Beyond that, you should probably join a fitness program. Exercise combined with keto is probably your best combination of systems that you are going to get.

One More Thing…

You have to understand that measuring your Ketone levels is the most important part of Keto. If you don’t know when you are in ketosis, how are you supposed to know if the diet is even working? I urge you to purchase a Ketone Breath Analyzer, you will have no way of knowing otherwise. It’s a life saver. You could be shedding so much more weight with just a little more science!

Ketonix® Bluetooth® Breath Ketone Analyzer


Keto really works for the majority of people. As long as their bodies still have the ability to process fat you are pretty much good. What changes the effectiveness of the diet is the execution. You must keep your fats above 80% at least. You must also Measure your ketones to ensure Ketosis is actually occurring.

If you are overweight and you don’t want to be that way anymore, Go to this article. It will teach you how to start, and how you should go about it.

Keto Diet Plan- Keto Camp Review 



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