Keto Diet Plan For Beginners – Keto Camp Review

Keto has been used as a therapeutic diet for epileptic people for quite some time. Almost all of the research Keto is predicated on is from studies of epileptic people. What intrigues me more is Keto’s overall usefulness in everyday life.

Keto is a lifestyle(or diet) Made up of very large portions of fat, low carbs, and average protein. It forces your body to consume its fat reserve by putting it into Ketosis.

This lifestyle also has a tendency to increase your overall willpower. You become not only strong as a person, but a stronger person because of it. I highly recommend you take a look through the program before making any decisions. But he’s got my vote 10/10. 

Keto Camp – For Beginners and Veterans

Chris Albert is an expert in the Keto diet. He is a former bodybuilder, he has been using keto for over five years now. He has this program called Keto Camp. It’s a step by step process on everything Keto. As he says in the video, there are over 133 pages of information about solely Keto.

He’s selling this for under $40.

That’s crazy. he’s packed years of experience into a step by step process. I seriously wish I had access to this kind of knowledge when I first started Keto. it’s the biggest timesaver on the planet when it comes to diet plans and grocery shopping.

Not only that but there is a Money Back Guarantee. You just have to return it within 60 days. But I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy with the value of this program. I’m more than happy with my copy, and I’ve been using it for months now.

The Benefits Don’t Stop There

Keto can help with various parts of your life. Sleep more soundly, breathe easier. Feel better overall and be in a better mood. Your diet affects so many parts of your life, it’s crazy! If you can’t see the benefits of having someone guide you through the process like a personal training would then I’m not sure what to say next.

The plan comes with->

  • Chris Keto CampComplete digital course and 133-page book
  •  The Keto Camp Grocery List
  •  The Keto Camp Cook Book
  •  Step by step goal setting and success guide
  •  A complete guide to adapting into ketosis as quickly and painlessly as possible
  •  Macronutrient calculation guide and sample menus for fat burning and muscle building plans
  •  Tricks to reincorporating carbohydrates without interrupting your progress
  •  9-week training program for building muscle and burning fat
  •  BONUS: Brain hacks to increase your mental performance with ketosis!
  •  BONUS: Access to Warrior Fitness – a 12-week strength program COMPLETELY FREE!
  •  Access to the Keto Camp Secret Facebook Group

ketogenic diet plans aren’t just for those who need to lose weight

Keto can benefit those who don’t plan on losing mass amounts of weight too! If you just have a bit of pudge, or you just want to cut sugar out. Keto does just that. In fact, if you are already skin and bone, when you increase serving sizes of keto, you can build muscle very easily!

Think of keto as a more naturalistic approach. Our ancestors didn’t cut the fat off of the meat when they ate it. They just ate. They didn’t really have a choice of food, so meat and veggies were all that was necessary. Keto is very easy to follow, and honestly pretty fun.

You should take a look at his website to see some before and after pictures near the bottom.

Amazing right? Your body was meant to be this way, by design your body needs the fats and proteins. But the carbs can be altered and vary depending on your food source. Carbs were never really to constant in the ancient world. You head meat(Fish, Bears, Cows, things of the sort.) But not so much farming.

Not to say there weren’t plants, but as winter came things dwindled and sometimes the plants don’t come back on time. A steady food source was extremely important.

Keto Camp review

My Personal Journey

I altered a keto plan for my weight gain back when I was very underweight. I’m really excited to see someone else do it for everyone. Christ Albert also has a personal youtube channel, where he has bodybuilding videos. He really is an incredible guy. If you have a chance, listen to his story. It’s something else.

The balance of carbs to fats is probably the most difficult to maintain. Luckily you don’t have to struggle as much as I did. You can just take a gander at the premade grocery list he has already in the program. Not only that, but a 9-week training program is already included too!

You don’t have to worry about figuring anything out. I wish I had such an effortless route like this when I started Keto. It would have made several shopping trips a whole lot shorter. Or made quite a few of my workouts a lot more effective.

If you aren’t convinced yet. Chris also takes you through hormone balancing. Yes, he takes you through correcting everything that might be going wrong with your body. He truly has a giving heart. This guy is my personal savior right now.

And if all else fails, it has a money back guarantee! It’s really risk-free. You have nothing to lose except what you want off your tummy!

I highly recommend you get this program, not just to become healthy, but to stay healthy.

You can find Keto Camp Here.

Tell us About Your Results!

The journey doesn’t stop here! Health is a lifelong journey. You can keep Keto in your life just for weight loss, and kick it. Or you can make it your lifestyle. Either way, come back and tell us about your results! I’m certain you can achieve your goals with an iron will and a whole lot of keto!

If you need help with self-control, just take a little breath and check out our other articles on self-control. I’m sure that you have the will to make anything happen.

Happy Keto!


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5 Responses

  1. Ty says:

    It’s great to come across programs that the founders have actually been through and went through the same amount of work and effort. And seeing what they accomplished at the end is a big motivating factor for incoming people. And his price point is not bad at all for everything that you get for it.

  2. Honestly Patrick. This is my first time actually reading about keto diet and this stuff absolutely ROCKS! I am a huge weight loss fanatics early in my journey I learned about the Atkins diet. Do you think this is the same? opposed to your story I had weight to lose and went ahead and began a “low carb diet”. This took me from 220lbs to 160bs in about a year and a half. Your post really helped me out. I just want to know what is the difference between Keto and Atkins?
    Thank you,

  3. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Patrick,
    I’ve heard of many diets like atkins and cambridge but this is the first time I’ve ever heard about Keto and it sounds pretty awesome!

    If I can consume large amounts of fat, then my life would be 70% easier since I don’t have to research much stuff before eating, or remove fat from steaks. Is there an age limit or side effect to Keto though?

    • admin says:

      Yes and no. Keto, depending on what source of fats, might cause something called “Keto rash” or “Keto Mouth” The rash may be an allergic reaction , it’s not well researched yet. But if you are getting a rash, switch up your sources of fat. “Keto mouth” Is from decaying food between your teeth. Meat tends to do that, just floss more often and brush regularly.

      Other than that, not that I am aware of!

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