Keto Fast Food – Stick to it on The go

I truly believe the hardest part of Keto is sticking to it while out with friends. Its hard declining invites just because you may be tempted by what everyone else will be eating.

The same goes for quick meals too. Maybe you forgot breakfast and need to stop by a fast food joint to ensure you don’t miss a meal. All of these situations make it increasingly more difficult to stick to Keto.

There is a solution!

Cherry picking a few things on the menu, or maybe asking for something specific could save the day.

Cherry Pick Your Ingredients

When you know exactly what’s in your food Keto fast food is pretty easy to identify, or create. For example, a burger has buns, which are packed with carbs. So just ask them to replace it with lettuce, or maybe put the burger ingredients into a container or boat.

(Boat being slang for those little paper food holder things that hot dogs normally come in)

The same might go for tomato and ketchup. As long as you know the nutritional content of what you’re eating, it’s pretty simple to pick out what might not be Keto friendly.

It’s easy to say, but in all practicality, you may need some examples!

Take the taco. Not anything fancy, just the meat, cheese, lettuce, and tortilla. That’s it. For certain the cheese and beef are Keto friendly. But the tortilla might be a hindrance.

Just ask the cashier to remove them, and that will make your meal Keto friendly.

Add Fat to Everything

You can add and subtract to your food math. Finding out what condiments are fat heavy and adding those in place of the original could maintain the proper ratio of fats to carbs.

Let’s compare a few common condiments.

Ketchup VS Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise one serving being 1 tbsp.

-10g of fat

-0.1g of carbs

-0.1g of protein

Ketchup one serving being 1 tbsp.

-0g of fat

-4.5g of carbs

-0.2g of protein

As you can see, mayonnaise is the clear winner. Just one serving is worth 10g in fat. Ketchup is full of empty calories that don’t provide energy very well.

Not just these ingredients either. You can find alternatives or replacements for just about everything.

At Subway, I would add olive oil in all of my sandwiches. Though, subs aren’t Keto. I believe that demonstrates what I mean by adding what helps, and removing what doesn’t. Like sandwiches.

It’s better to look into the nutritional value of what you eat to ensure that you are getting what you need and the flavor that you want.

The principle itself is what’s important here. You can add to your meal the things that are better for you, and remove the other ingredients.

Meal Prepping can be More Effective

The real problem here stems from unpreparedness. Not knowing what you are going to eat the following day is a big problem for a lot of people.

It’s important to plan your meals in accordance to your budget and diet. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending money that could be used doing something better than going to McDonald’s.

Here are some tips to get you started.

If you don’t want to go full-prepper, just pack snacks. Keto snacks tend to be full of fat, and easy to transport. Things like nuts and pork rinds are good examples.

Just little things that you can eat during the day to increase your fat intake.

If you do want to go full-prepper, buy in bulk and cook it all in one day, then store individual meals.

Dedicate one day of the week to food prepping. Make sure to create a meal plan to follow before you get cooking.

What I’m trying to drive home are the principles of frugalness and preparedness.

I won’t find myself suddenly being healthy by haphazardly following a diet. That brings me to my next point.

Keto Fast Food is a Last Resort

In an emergency, knowing what you should eat is important. What’s more important is having everything already done and ready to go.

I encourage you to start meal prepping. Find time out of your week to make your food, then reap the benefits of Keto all week long with no worry of losing to your impulse.

(Though, that’s easier said than done.)

It’s hard to make food go to waste when you’ve put the effort into making it. While I’m out, I almost always pack a lunch for myself.

It’s bad enough I eat at fast food places every so often. I don’t want to make a habit of it.

Fast food is terrible in a lot of ways. The food itself has almost certainly been frozen, which reduces the quality of the food, therefore, the nutrients.

The food in question has not been vetted for quality. It’s the food they could get to you the fastest. That means it could be old, you have no idea!

I have a little bit of a thing against fast food. I was a manager of an un-named place for a while. I know the ins-and-outs of that business, and I despise the entire thing.

It’s not good. It’s not good for you and you won’t benefit from eating there. My advice is to stay away as often as you can.

Of course, a bi-monthly trip might be okay, just make sure you take care of yourself!


Add or subtract to get to the ingredients that are Keto friendly! Be very selective.

Meal prep to avoid obligatory fast-food purchases. Be frugal, and prudent in your preparation to ensure your best diet. Take care of yourself as though you were a different person.

Imagine you are your own spouse for a second. You feel that you want to take care of them, feed them, make sure they get enough rest.

leave a comment and I’ll surely respond!

Warm regards,

Patrick K

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  1. Andrew123 says:

    Hi Patrick. I have to agree with you that it’s not good to eat food sold in ‘fast food restaurants.’ I have avoided them most of my life because I find it hard to see how good quality food can be massed produced so quickly and cheaply.
    ‘Take care of yourself as if you were a different person’ is a really good way to consider what we are eating. I’m sure that by doing this most of us will look after ourselves better than we currently do.
    Many thanks for sharing.

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