Ketonix Reviews – Path To Weight-loss? or Waste of Money?

Everyone who has been following Ketonix for a while knows that they got off to a rocky start. Their first generation products had a tough time getting traction.

It was due to multiple hardware and software problems. But now, they’re a super successful(and helpful) company!

With the third generation Ketonix breathalyzers coming out, this could be a more significant win for them.

I’d like to show you the new and wonderful world of Ketone Measuring with Ketonix Breathalyzers!

The new and improved breathalyzer(s) features:

Bluetooth model

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Automatic tracking via Bluetooth
  • Profile software for multiple users
  • Removable mouthpiece

USB Model

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Tracking via USB cable
  • Profile software for multiple users
  • Removable mouthpiece

(All users should have a personal mouthpiece.) As you can see, they’ve come quite far since the first generation set of products.

Not only do they track your Ketone levels, but they also have a handy chart based on acetones that I’ll show you laterWe will talk about each feature extensively coming up. If you’d rather look at their sales page directly Click Here.

Bluetooth VS Cabled

There are downsides and upsides to both. let’s talk about Bluetooth first.Ketonix Bluetooth

Bluetooth Ketonix breathalyzers are more expensive than the cabled model. They go for about $100 more.

landing at $239.

But what features allow the drastic increase in price?

The biggest added feature is, of course, the Bluetooth capability. Currently, it works on all Apple devices that support Bluetooth 4.0; it also works under the same condition on android devices.

However, the windows software is still in beta and may damage the device drivers. (You can contact support to fix this)

The Bluetooth capability allows sort of an unchained measuring tool.

Instead of being at home, and measuring at home. You can measure your ketone levels while out with your friends, and that could easily be the deciding factor for your next meal.

It’s definitely convenient, but what else is there to add value to the device itself? The only other feature that can almost be called exclusive to the Bluetooth model is the App tracking.

Being able to see and adjust everything for your diet on the go. The technology itself may not be worth an extra $100, but the software development just barely puts it over that $100 mark.

Next up, Cabled. $139Ketonix Cabled

The cabled version has a pc and mac version of the mobile software. The downside is that you have to plug in your device to track your results.

It’s a mild inconvenience, but at $100 less than the Bluetooth model, it’s absolutely worth it. Besides the loss of mobile tracking, the device has identical functionality.

Both measure acetone levels to tell you what your ketone production levels are at.

The device itself comes with the USB cable and an extra mouthpiece all in a nice little kit.

Additionally, on both devices you can create a profile and share anonymous data to help better the research ketonix is doing on ketone levels and Ketosis.

Shop Here

The Software

The software itself has quite a few functions. The purpose of the software is simply to organize the data taken from your device and make it readable.

Just as well, you can also manually add blood tests, and track your meals.

Through these numbers, you can easily look and see if you are in ketosis.

Knowing that going too far into ketosis can cause your blood to become acidic.

So knowing your levels is very important for Keto or Paleo Dieters.

The best part about the software is the compatibility with the Bluetooth model. You just keep the software on your phone and the two mingle in the ether like internet airwaves we call Bluetooth and then you’re done.

In the upper right, you can see the profile settings.

Here, you can switch between who is using the device.

I see a lot of families start a Keto diet at the same time, this feature is particularly useful in that situation.

Not only does the app have multiple profiles, it comes with multiple mouthpieces.

If you need more, they can be purchased on the Ketonix Website.

Ensure that you are switching your mouthpieces when a different user measures, You don’t want to get sick!

Ketonix measuring bar

Next up we have the actual measuring of Ketone levels. It measures like this.

It reads in PPM

(PPM meaning parts per million)

BLUE : 0 – 4 PPM : Low
GREEN : 4 – 30 PPM : Nutritional Range
YELLOW : 30 – 80 PPM : High Ketosis
RED : above 80 PPM : Very High Ketosis

So we can see clearly, that this person is not fully into ketosis, so they should act accordingly.

Beyond that, the software has a lot more to offer.

The software also gives you the ability to track blood samples as well.

This function is just to keep track. Also to ensure that your cholesterol levels are in check.

It has a Keto meal calculator BUILT IN. No more app tracking, it’s super easy.

This is a basic calculator, unfortunately.

Putting all of your information in one place makes it easier to analyze.

Therefore, making it easier to lose weight.

You can simply add your macronutrients, ensure that you are counting carbs.

Even from fiber, they count too!

Next up is the exercise tracker!Ketonix Exercise tracker

In the menu, you can set how hard you worked out, how long, and how many calories you burnt.

The calorie amount is if you have a calorie calculator on a machine or phone.

You can even pick the type of exercise that you did.

And just for fun, you add your fun factor. Hopefully, it’s at 10 everytime. But knowing that exercise is like a long, painful allergic reaction. That’s probably not the case.


Lastly, we have the Body Measure Stat.

This one is super easy as well. All you’ll need is a sewing measuring tape, and maybe a trusted friend.

They measure all of the required areas.

You can choose between CM and INCH, to measure yourself in.

You go practically from head to toe measuring the circumference of each body part.

After measuring, simply input the data and it will be added to your profile.

It’s a rewarding way of keeping track of your progress.

Often times the measuring tape can see a lot more progress than you can.

Do yourself a favor, and go out and buy one. It makes you feel nice when you’ve lost an inch in a week.


You can easily access all of your charts, and all or the other stats by clicking the top left and clicking view data.

You can measure all of your progress through this program. This program is jam-packed full of stats and information all about your diet and weight loss.

But as we know, you have to stick with a diet to make it work. So really, your diet needs to become a lifestyle. That’s what’s really important.

Buying a measuring tool is a big step in the right direction for weight loss. Through my own experiences, this tool has been reliable and very useful.

They come with a warranty, and once the warranty expires, service is only $5 a repair.

Pick up your own Ketonix Device Here.

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  1. You did a very thorough job of explaining the analyzer, and your site looks really clean and flows well. Good luck to you in your endeavor. Thanks.

  2. Matts Mom says:

    I had never heard of Ketonix before, but a friend was talking about it so I decided to do some research on my own. I like to see results when I am dieting, i.e.the scale, the inches, everything involved. I feel like I am more successful for some reason and feel better about the dieting. So I like this Ketonix. I am just curious where I go about purchasing this and how expensive it is going to be.

  3. Brandon G says:

    Really thorough review!

    I had never heard of Ketonix before reading this. I am getting older(30 lol) but I have always had a high metabolism that keeps my weight down. I feel it will start to slow down and I want to start managing my diet better. This seems very interesting and I might take a look into this!

  4. It’s very nice to have a device which could help you keep track of your health and body. Especially in the case of measuring your body, we all tend to lose motivation when we don’t see a noticeable difference, and then we stop. But actually, there is a possibility that we have had slight changes in the measurements. I think this is very good for that. Great post! I like how thorough it is.


  5. christopher says:

    Hi Patrick

    This is something I have never heard of before, but after reading your article it will be something I will certainly be looking into.
    You have a great post with all the information that is required for this product.

    keep up the good work and the post coming.


  6. Emma Jones says:

    I didn’t hear about Ketonix before, but this could be great for my friend. She’s been trying to lose weight for a long time, but she’s looking for a long term solution rather than a quick temporary fix. It’s so great you can see so much information, I like that there is a built in meal calculator, it makes it easy and less complicated.

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