What is a Ketosis Diet – Losing Fat While Eating it

The basic concept of keto is very easy to understand. Your body cannot extract very much energy from fat. Fat is a macronutrient in your diet.

Because fat does not produce much energy, your body must rely on its own energy reserves to fuel its daily activities.

A little-known fact about carbs is that they are actually more fattening than fat itself. Carbs are full of digestible and storable energy. If you don’t use this energy, your body stores it as fat.

Yes, this can happen to fat. However, you would have to consume an enormous portion of fat to accomplish that.

Here’s a visual representation of the Ketosis life cycle.

Ketosis Lifecycle

Ketosis Is A Fat Heavy DietButter

In the course of a Keto diet, you will increase your fat levels to over 70% of your overall diet. The reason it is fat instead of protein has to do with proteins ability to fuel the body.

Although protein is not as good as carbs in the energy department. it still packs quite a punch. Protein heavy diets can lead to weight gain very easily.

Although it takes more energy for your body to turn protein into energy, it still can. That’s why protein is minimized in the Keto diet.

Proteins get broken down in the digestion process. They turn into individual amino acids that are used all throughout the body. Mostly for building muscles and helping them sustain and contract.

Those same amino acids can be burned for energy in the body. If your body goes into Ketosis, it will be looking for alternative resources other than the fat on the body. That’s why proteins are kept moderate, and fats high.

Fat comes in dead least in energy terms. It creates very little energy compared to both carbs and protein. This makes it an ideal filler for your diet. Keeping the protein very moderate and losing the carbs while upping fats is a recipe for weight loss.

The greatest thing about Keto is that you can still eat a lot of the foods that you love. Especially if you are one that loves savory food.

Keto is full of wonderfully rich and savory foods. Really the only thing lacking in Keto is sweets. In general, people should eat less of those anyway.

Ketosis Is Very Normal

Most don’t understand that the body goes through ketosis at least once in your life. Maybe when you didn’t have bread for a few days.

It’s a perfectly normal biological process that helps your body get rid of fat when it does not have enough energy. You can think of it as a mechanism to protect your body from starvation during winter.

The body just goes into a self-sufficiency model. Allowing it to feed off of itself

In the “old days” when our ancestors could not grow food in the winter, they would stock up food and eat as much as they could during the summer, spring and fall.

This lead to fat storage on the body. During winter, the body had restricted intake on all fronts. Therefore, the body would have to use its own energy to continue working.

This is ketosis, and in these terms, it’s fairly normal. Think of the Keto diet as a jumpstart to that process.

But don’t worry. You will not be starving by any means during keto. Think of it more like Carb minimizing.



Fatty Foods Are Your Friends, Not Foes!

I don’t know how many times I have been told bacon is bad for me. Think about it.

Bacon is made up of proteins and fats just like beef, chicken and fish. So what particularly is bad about bacon that is not bad about other meats.

The answer? Nothing.

Meat is a wonderful thing that nearly everyone should eat. Good amounts of protein and fats are healthy and help your body develop muscle and maintain it.

Fatty foods are the ones that are commonly referred to as unhealthy because of the fat contained in it. This can be anywhere from pan-fried meats to boiled meats.

Really the only thing you should avoid is protein loading. That means adding too much protein to your diet. This can lead to constipation without enough fiber, it can also lead to obesity.

Protein is heavy on the gut and very difficult to digest. That can lead to constipation and obesity over time with protein loading.

As we know, it also produces more energy than fat. Leading to energy storage if it is not used. So with lot’s of protein comes the responsibility of using that energy that it provides.

You Must Find Balance In Keto

There are pretty specific percentages you have to keep in respect to your macronutrients. Fats, carbs, and proteins. Your carbKeto Percentages to protein ratio is up for debate.

All we really know is that you need to keep your daily carb intake below about 40g. Maintaining your fat intake about your protein intake. This is the basic keto recipe.

You have to find a balance that works for you!

[describe what this entails. How do I find out what’s best for me?]

Additionally, you must find the types of fat you can consume.

Science has found for certain that trans fat is terrible for you. But saturated and essential fats are good for you and help a ton!

You can learn about what types of fat are good and bad, and how to increase your fat intake in this article.


How Much Is Too Much?

Although you can eat more with keto, you still have to watch your overall intake. The principle of all weight loss is using more than you gain. This principle is still true with Ketosis based dieting.

Because fat gives you so little in terms of energy, you just happen to use more than you gain in terms of energy. Forcing your body to use the energy it has stored.

You don’t need to calorie count or anything. Just make sure to listen to your body. Space out every serving of food by at least twenty minutes to ensure that you aren’t full before you get another plate.

When You Lose Weight, You Lose More Than Just WeightVitamins

With quick weight loss comes some downsides. Your body will want to flush everything out with the fat.

Ketosis is known to accelerate dehydration through the kidneys. It makes the kidneys want to flush everything.

With all the flushing goes your magnesium and a few other very important vitamins.

If you are on keto you need to increase your salt intake. This will help with the kidney flushing The salt will help you retain water.

Next, you should take an Omega-3 supplement if you don’t eat any fish. The Keto diet is heavy in Omega-6 fatty acids but low in Omega-3.

Some research has suggested that low Omega-3 levels promote inflammation. So to avoid this, a supplement can be taken. There are other benefits as well!

  • Decrease likelihood of heart disease
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduced likelihood of Heart attack and Stroke and Heart Arrhythmia
  • Slows development of build up in the arteries

Low levels of Potassium are also common. Make sure to contact your doctor before trying out any diet!


Ketosis Is Science

Ketosis is a scientifically documented process. It happens under very specific circumstances and must be maintained for weight loss to occur. Initially, you may think you can wing it. Science is happening here

But don’t be so sure.

Science is exact. It measures and repeats. If it is not measurable and repeatable, science throws it out. This principle must be applied equally to all things in science, and that goes for Ketosis as well.

The way that Ketosis is documented is through measurable and repeatable processes. Throughout all of the testing to discover ketosis, they measured something called a “Ketone Body”

These, as we know. Are produced almost exclusively during ketosis. (They are also produced when exercising vigorously)

So to really do keto the right way, you need to measure your ketone body levels.

Ketone bodies are the byproduct of the body being in ketosis. You can correlate your Ketone level to your level of ketosis. The higher your ketone levels, the more weight you will lose in a shorter period of time.

There are a few ways to measure ketone levels. By far the least intrusive is the Breathalyzer. The others are urine strips and blood tests.

You can see why the breathalyzer is preferred.

With a breathalyzer, you don’t have to worry about pricking yourself or peeing in a strip. They are accurate, quick and easy to carry around.

Picking on up is not a bad idea at all. You can pick up one up today!

Ketonix® Bluetooth® Breath Ketone Analyzer



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