What is Healthy Weight Loss? – How Much How Fast?

Many people claim they are losing an enormous amount of weight in a really short amount of time. Like something crazy. “Lose 56 pound in a month!” Headlines are everywhere. With regards to health, how can this be achieved? or a better question, should this be achieved?

We can assume that these people probably didn’t lose that much in a week, or if they did so it must be at the cost of your health.

Why Is Losing Weight Fast Unhealthy

The first reason is at a loss of hydration. When your body loses weight immediately(Like just after a workout) it is lost of water through sweat. Your body does not have the ability to lose fat immediately. Fat loss happens over time, results and at what time can vary.

We can say for certain that 3-4 pounds a week are healthy. Now for perspective, just go to the supermarket and pick up a package of beef that is about 3 pounds. You can remove that much from your body a Week, with a healthy diet and exercise.

There are definitely methods of losing weight faster, one is the Keto diet and a few other diets and exercise types. On average you can expect 3-9 pounds a week. Divide that into days and you get this neat chart.

Weight Loss TrendKeep in mind these are users that adjusted their diet and exercised. So if you are doing one without the other, these figures may be unreasonable for you.

As you can see from the first-week people see a huge decrease in weight loss. This is because of natural resistance. Your body becomes more adept at handling the stresses of the new diet and working out. It is from of diminished returns

Adaptability and Why It’s a Good Thing

Your body will adapt to your exercises, your diet, and even a new sleep pattern. But the diminished returns from dieting and exercise sort of sucks.

So why is it a good thing that your body is becoming more efficient? Especially because that efficiency is only leading to you staying overweight?

Well, several reasons. The first is that without that mechanism, you would never be able to eat anything different. If your body was very slow at adapting to new foods, everyone would be very underweight. If your muscles didn’t adapt to new exercises, you would get totally wiped out tired from walking.

So we can see that the body finding efficiency isn’t the best for weight loss, but overall it is pretty great for you. The body has extraordinary abilities to heal and adapt to new environments. We heal faster than almost all animals and can digest more than almost any animal. It is crazy what our bodies can do.

So make sure to thank yourself for being human every so often.

Sauna Weightloss Is Not Good

I refer to dehydration weight loss as Sauna Weightloss. You can lose over 20 lbs in a day with Sauna weight loss. But it is not healthy at all. In fact, there is a risk of death. Dehydration is a very poor decision in general. Especially for weight loss. Think about it this way.

“I want to lose weight to be healthy”Sauna

“let me go right ahead and dehydrate myself massively to be healthy”

It does not make sense at all. Avoid this method at all costs. There is an amount of dehydration that is tolerable to the body. When you work out, you actually become minorly dehydrated, and that’s okay as long as you drink plenty before and after your workouts.

But excessive dehydration has all sorts of nasty side effects.

  • Fever
  • Redness or discoloration in the face
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Death

There are more, but this list is probably enough to stop most from doing this. Seriously, please don’t.

Steady and Consistent

Your best bet at weight loss is steady and consistent. You’ll know healthy weight loss when you feel it. If you are losing weight the healthy way, there should be little to no lasting side effects.

Things that are normal during workouts might be things like heavy breathing, redness in the face or body and fatigue. Things that are not normal are complete shortness of breath(Not being able to breathe), Pain of any sorts, or lightheadedness. If you are feeling anything like that, take a break and talk to your doctor immediately. It’s possible you could have a serious problem or are very dehydrated.

Your weight loss will look different from another. Ensure that you are keeping track week to week. I recommend only weighing yourself on the first day of each week. Keeping yourself in suspense about your weight loss is a great motivator.

Also, ensure that you are keeping up with your diet and exercise. Both are most effective. A healthy weight loss with that combination could be up 20 lbs (Give or take) a month!

Now, here I am going to have you visualize again. Go to the supermarket find 20 lbs of ground beef. Marvel that your body has the ability to remove that from your body in less than a month. It truly is spectacular.

My Personal Recommendation

I highly recommend the Keto diet combined with a fitness plan. Keto is based in high fat and low carbs. You can imagine that it’s pretty delicious. You can straight up have bacon for breakfast and lose weight. Forget about those salads, switch it out for full-fat cream cheese and heavy whipping cream.

I think you’ll find Keto very helpful. here is a visual representation of a regular Keto diet.

You can find a beginners guide Here(The Here is clickable)


Weight loss is normally healthy if it feels healthy. So if you have any symptoms or you can feel your body telling you to stop, go see a doctor and get help. Otherwise, if you feel healthy and everything feels okay. Continue on with your diet and exercise.

I hope this article helped you! If you have any comments, questions or concerns feel free to comment below so I can see them!



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