What Is The Best Cardio For Weight Loss?

This is a bit of an oddball one.

I was searching for material for a new article and I found this gem of a question. “What is the best Cardio for weight loss?”

I sincerely could not believe my eyes, it’s amazing what sort of information you sit on without knowing others are unaware of it. For me, a wealth of my exercise and diet knowledge does just that! For me, knowing that there are different types of fat, and your body processes each one differently.

it’s just something that I think everyone knows, and this question brought me to this realization.

To get to the point: Cardio is a type of exercise that gets your heart pumping, it really gets you into the adrenaline stage faster than any other exercise type in my opinion. To me, it’s natural to know that just about any type of cardio will make you lose weight.

But not all weight is equal.

Do You Want To Lose Weight Or Fat?

Most people, when they say “I want to lose weight” I instantly go, “Hang on, do you want to lose weight? or Fat?” To me, that is a very important distinction.

As one implies a net loss of weight, and the other a net loss of fat. The difference is that you are much more likely to lose muscle while trying to lose weight.

When you try to lose fat, it is a lot more explicit that you are trying to become healthier and maintain a healthy muscle to fat ratio.

When doing Cardio exercises, you are mostly trying to ramp up your activity levels so that your overall caloric intake is lower than your use.

That means that you are expending more energy than you consume. It is the simple principle of weight loss.

Cardio Is For Weight Loss

From a fitness perspective, cardio is for weight loss, not just fat loss. While cardio is effective at reducing fat, once you run out of fat, your body needs the immediate fuel, so it turns to muscle and other types of fuel.

It’s very interesting to observe this state as this is what happens when you simply don’t have enough energy to survive. It’s a last ditch effort to keep you going.

Now, the important thing to remember here is that your body won’t do such a thing unless you are out of fat, or close to it. So if you are obese, or overweight you can workout to your heart’s content without worry of losing muscle.

In fact, if you are heavy enough, you are effectively doing high-speed weight training.

So the key difference here lies in the supply of energy. Initially, your body will consume its short term energy and also the oxygen in its system. When that runs out, that’s when you get out of breath and start feeling the blood rush.

Next, your body will search for other fuel types. Unfortunately, these other fuel types are less convenient for your body to use. So, that essentially means it takes more time and makes you feel more tired temporarily.

The upside here is that you will use that energy (body fat) for good. Once it’s eaten up you can kiss it goodbye. But be sure not to replace it with a victory meal.

The One Mistake People Make With Cardio

Two words.

Over Eating.

I know that’s probably the cause of weight gain in the first place, but this is much worse.

After cardio, you tend to feel starving. You can feel the hunger of a thousand starving suns that missed breakfast. It really is an intense hunger.

Because of that, many people tend to overeat. It’s very easy to do, and here’s why.

One nice hour long jog will burn about 400 Calories.

One nice and small snickers bar is around 250 Calories.

That means every half hour of jogging is worth less than a snickers bar. That makes me way sadder than it should.

As a general rule, I like to keep my Cardio about 10-20 percent above my breakfast calorie count for a cutting phase. In order to consume that almighty snickers, you would have to jog for a half hour. or you can do burpees non-stop for an hour to consume 2.

So What Is The Best Cardio Exercise?

Difficult to say. I tend to say “The one that makes you move the most” Sarcastically to those who ask. But on a serious note, it’s hard to say because everyone has different body types and muscle makeup.

One exercise that I love is the burpee. It makes you move in the worst way, it burns a lot and makes you stronger. But I can’t say for sure if it’s “The best” or anything like that.

Really It’s up to you to try them in isolation to see what works best. You could test them all individually over one week to see what makes the biggest difference bi-weekly.

But this is imperfect because the test lacks steady control. So it is also null. Again, it’s very difficult to say.

One thing I can say for sure is as long as you are moving, sweating and have a nice high heart rate, you are probably doing it right. Although, make sure to be safe and know when to take breaks or stop.


Finally, we have our answer. Cardio exercise is the best Cardio for Cardio weight loss.

I’m about 90 percent sure I said that right.

But really, try and get moving! Cardio is something you do, not something you should spend time on the computer researching about! (as a general rule of exercise, of course, research the exercise you do)

What I mean is, you shouldn’t spend a bunch of time trying to find “the best” or “the most effective” all the time. Simply get moving and don’t stop.

Imperfect actions are what drive the world. If you try to move forward perfectly, you may fail, and at that moment it will crush you.

Move forward knowing that failing is okay. Knowing that you are not perfect.

I hope this helped! Please leave a comment! Ask a question!

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