What to Eat On a Keto Diet – The Difference Between Can And Should

Pitfalls in the keto diet can be easily avoided given some prudent thinking. A big problem in the keto community is finding variation in what you eat, and how to make it interesting every day.

Because eating avocados every day gets really boring.

We are going to divide our foods into two lists, Can and Should. What to eat on a ketogenic diet(the SHOULD list) is a list of things we should eat on a semi-daily basis. What we can eat(the CAN list) will be what we can add to make those semi-daily foods a lot more interesting and fun to make.

And that is how we will solve this conundrum!

Percentages, and Keeping Them Where They Should Be

We should all know approximately how much of our diet should be fat on keto. About 70-80 percent is good generally. But this might vary for you, so do a bit of testing and measure your ketones on a regular basis.

Food list

As you can see, there really isn’t a fine line between foods you should and should not eat.

The above example is a good representation of how you could structure your meals. Starting from the left, you should have mostly those things and then move to the right, the least amount of those things.

You may have already noticed that the things you should have the most of are very fatty, and kind of difficult to make an entire meal out of. You have to get innovative.

This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but you should be away a lot of these are key ingredients in many keto recipes.

We keep the fatty things in the most, to ensure are fat levels float around that 70-80 percent mark. If we dip, we may fall out of ketosis, therefore stop digesting our ketones

Just as well as you should be aware that some fats are good, and others aren’t. If you need assistance with keto, or maybe just want somewhere to start. Here’s a beginners guide to how it all works. 

Sugar alcohols/Sweetener

There on the right, in the above image is something called “Sugar alcohol”. No, it will not get you drunk. It’s a type of sweetener people use to replace sugar when dieting.

They are just like sugar in many ways, they just aren’t as heavy as sugar. They should still be used with caution. Sometimes people can start to feel discomfort in their gut when using these types of sugars.Sugary extracted from strawberry

Watch out for these on foods labeled diet foods.

  • Sorbitol
  • Erythritol
  • Isomalt
  • Lactitol
  • Mannitol
  • Polydextrose
  • Maltitol
  • Xylitol
  • Glycerol

You can absolutely still ingest them, they are safe. But some people would prefer to stay away from it because it is a concentrate of a concentrate. Ithey are a highly concentrated sweet crystalline powder used in the dieting market.

They are less carb filled than regular sugar, but still not great for you.

Snack Food Limitations

Most turn to snack foods for comfort. Normally, they are filled with carbs, or sugars to satisfy your craving or hunger at that moment.

Keto snacks are similar in only one way. They satisfy your hunger. It is unfortunate, but you won’t be getting too many sweet treats while doing keto. Sugar is just about off-limits.

Your snack choices boil down considerably. You want something that gives you either fat or protein.

Nuts have a ton of fat! 1 cup of assorted nuts has 72g of fat. Unfortunately, they also have, 28g of carbs. If you can afford to take that hit to your daily carb counter it’s worth it to eat some assorted nuts.

If not, then you have the option of something like Pork rinds. They have amazing protein intake, and a good amount of fat as well. But don’t go overboard. You will end up being way higher in protein than fat with these little snacks.

If you just need something to tip your fat scales over the metaphorical tipping point into ketosis.

Go ahead and have an avocado. It’s mostly fat and has essential nutrients that your body needs to continue functioning.  Make sure to add some olive oil for dressing. It just adds that little bit that you might just need.

Serving Size – Listen to Your Body

Often times I see people going way out of their normal eating habits portion wise, just because they believe it’s healthy. it’s like ordering an extra large diet soda. What’s the point?

Listen to your body. after every singles serving, wait twenty minutes to see if you truly want more, or you are just trying to fill your stomach before the food hits it.

Keto foods generally hit harder than carb food. You should feel full faster, and feel a less gross full. Not like an “I just ate five Mcchickens full” But like a “That was a nice meal and I’m ready to sleep” full.

Measuring Your Ketones

Save the best for last!

As you may know, the Keto diet is predicated on studies that have advanced measuring methods. The scientists have to measure your ketone levels to see if you are even in ketosis. This is super important. 

If you aren’t measuring your ketones, you don’t know if you are in ketosis. In order to get the best results, you must have a method of measuring your ketone levels.

There are some urine sampling techniques with special strips that you pee on. But science has come far since then. Now we have a fancy breathalyzer. The most convenient way to measure.

Ketonix® Bluetooth® Breath Ketone Analyzer

If you pick one up, you won’t regret it. You need to know when you are in ketosis in order to effectively use keto. If you don’t listen to any of my advice, you need to pick one of these up before you start keto.


Knowing what foods to eat is a pretty gray area. I hope I helped you decide exactly what you need to eat in Keto. The list here is short, but the principals can be expanded to any foods. Everything in moderation, and make sure to measure and keep track of what your body is telling you.

I wish you all the best,


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7 Responses

  1. Great info on the Keto diet. I have definitely heard of it and now you have given me some good insight as to how it works and what to eat. I think I may give this a try. Well written article and very informative.

  2. DanyDany says:

    Useful information here. I eat a plant based diet, I’m wondering if a plant based diet can be adjusted to accommodated the Keto elements?
    Maybe will not be called Keto or plant based diet in the end 🙂
    Have you tried this diet?

  3. Mick.... says:

    The health industry is massive and diets are plentiful and all over the place and so many to choose from. It’s mindboggling which ones to go with because many of them whilst I’m sure do work, but only if you stick with and follow them to the t. With me what works is cutting back on sugar and dairy products. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lance.... says:

    My current diet is veggies and fruit and high carbs, Have been considering switching it up, less carbs and more fat. Also almost non dairy now and I found that to be great. Just cant give up the cheese yet lol

  5. Patrick, I like your concept because it’s a great message to any one who wants to listen, You are absolutely right, the majority of people are slowly killing themselves in their unhealthy practices. I think you’ll find I basically have the same message from a different angle. Lots of success and thank you,


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