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Why Should You Eat healthy – 6 Reasons to Start Today!


Make sure to read to the end, there is a list there about a bunch of the benefits you’ll receive when you eat healthily!

The world we live in is a strange one. We are surrounded by people who have no self-respect when it comes to their bodies. Generally, this is not really their fault. They were never taught the importance of maintaining their own bodies. Often times I think of my own body as a separate person for a moment. Thinking, “If this were my child, how would I take care of them?”

That will really put you in the right mindset to take care of yourself. Would you let your child eat whatever they want all the time? I wouldn’t. Would you let your child spend all of their time doing nothing? I bet not, they have school and plenty of other activities to attend to. Children are busy people with a lot of responsibility.

Bottom line, treat yourself like a patient. As if you were in charge of their health, well being and stress.

Just Because You’re Okay Now, Does Not Mean You Will be Later.Fattening-Burger

Through not taking care of our bodies, over time they will begin to show signs of aging. That’s definitely normal. However, what shouldn’t be normal is showing signs of gaining fat.

Your body should be at minimal fat percentages throughout most of your life. These percentages actually change, depending on whether you are female or male. Males it sits around 14% and for females, it is about 21%. This has to do with how our bodies insulate and carry organs. But those are the healthy numbers.

Not saying you can’t go below that at all. But it should never be permanent. Your body needs that fat storage for retaining nutrients.

Fat is Okay!

What I mean by this is Fat = Fat. It’s a myth! When you eat fat, it does not turn into fat in your body. Or at least it is very unlikely. What turns to fat in your body most of the time, is carbs! Not even kidding.

So make sure to research your fats before you eat them. A few really good ones to keep around.

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Meat runoff
    • Bacon fat
    • Sausage fat
    • Beef fat
    • Chicken fat
  • Garlic oil

Carbs(Sugars and the like) are things like bread, sweets, and many other things. What is super important to remember is fat is actually good for you. Fat holds a lot of nutritional value, besides just being very tasty.

Here is a list of things to avoid if you are trying to keep the fat off

  • Snacky foods like
    • Fried chips
    • Cookies
    • Soft drinks
    • Sugary Coffee
  • Sugary Bread
  • Candy
  • Sugar filled juices

Pretty much just avoid sugar. replace it with something better for you. Replace fried chips with baked chips. Replace soft drinks with flavored water with no sugar and the list goes on…

A very interesting thing I found recently, the Keto diet is based on u percent fat and low carbs with high protein. Exactly as you’d expect. You can interchange fat and protein as long as you keep the caloric levels about the same as you are exerting, you will not gain any weight.

Bottom line here, take care of yourself.

If You Are Already In a Bad Spot With Your Weight, Don’t Worry!

Although being healthy is important. Stressing over it won’t help. In fact, if you stress, you may actually gain more weight some studies suggest. So just kick back relax, and eat healthily.

Find a fifteen minute period every day to do some working out. I recommend HIIT workouts. They burn the most in the shortest period of time from my own findings. Overall the most important thing to do is to keep working hard at your goals. If you are in a bad spot, then you should aim for just a little bit out of your situation at a time. First 2 lbs, then 3 and so on.

Jumping in head first is another attempt, I’ve seen it fail more often than not. The work ends up being too much. They can’t keep a commitment. So be different, find your willpower to stay healthy.

Healthy is Wealthy, As The Name Says

I personally have found more happiness being healthy, than I ever have before. I was previously underweight, but now I look good, I feel good. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

For some reason, I find myself worrying less about my circumstances. Not so much that I lose sight of where I am, but just enough to smile and know no matter what, my families lives will be okay. Money suddenly doesn’t matter when you find your personal worth. Understanding that you are worth so much more, understanding that you should treat yourself as though you are worth treating well.

I guess this has to do with understanding unhealthiness as a form of maltreatment to yourself. Whether you are underweight or overweight. Skinny, or fat. Ensuring that you take care of yourself is the first step toward caring for others. Really that’s the lesson of willpower and motivation. If you have no motivation to fix yourself, how could you possibly help anyone else?


Get out there and breathe easy! The world doesn’t seem so hard after you’ve weathered the storm. The exact reason you should eat healthily is different for every person. But for me, I eat healthy to make an example of myself for my family. I am healthy because I want to care for others as if they were me.

Here’s an exact, factual instead of an abstract list of reasons you should eat healthily:

  1. Extends your lifespan
  2. Will help you gain or lose weight
  3. Will help your mood stay more consistent and upbeat
  4. Will give an example to others to care for themselves
  5. Your body will function better off of less sleep
  6. You don’t have to worry as much about exercise

And these are just a few to name. You will find numerous personal benefits when you embark on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. You may just find that your willpower itself increases. That by itself is a lesson that will stick with you for life.









  1. Joshua P1

    I’ve certainly noticed the positive effects from my healthier diet on my sleep and my general mood. I do still exercise a fair amount and do like to treat myself every now and then, which goes a long way to keeping me on track overall.

    • Patrick W

      beautiful! I’m glad you’ve found your drive!

  2. Brian Pringle

    I really enjoyed the article. I have in the last 2 years cut out all fast foods and almost all fried foods. One thing I am having difficulty in is the carbs. I LOVE bread. I have tried many varieties that have less sugar and whole breads but nothing has hit my fancy yet. I like white bread.

    I have lost weight from a lot of changes, but sort of hit a plateau and cannot seem to lose any more.

    Any suggestions on something for this old school man to try that could possible take the place of this type of bread?


    • Patrick W

      That’s a hard one. If you haven’t already, try almond flour bread or coconut flour bread. Lower in carbs(But not entirely void) Alternatively, you could increase your activity level to burn those carbs off before they hit your waist

  3. Robert S.

    There’s nothing better than being healthy. It’s not easy losing weight but once you make up your mind, then there’s no turning back. It’s important to get enough sleep and exercise. I’m back on track and finally going to get and stay healthy. All those unhealthy foods give you all sorts of problems.
    Nothing tastes better than how skinny feels 🙂


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